A Better Hill to Die On

by Pregnancy Pact

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Joe Band name drew me in, the songs kept me here. Can't wait to have some hugging babies with the words "Pregnant 2gether Pregnant 4ever" when you guys start selling shirts. Favorite track: PK Love.
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released March 29, 2016

Recorded and mixed in March of 2016 at Bricktop Recording by Pete Grossmann. Mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright
Horns on "Charles Barkley Shut Up and Cry" and "Moot" by Bryant Millet
Album art by Vanessa Barajas
Dogs: Lu and Greer.

Pregnancy Pact is Dave, Ari, Myles, and Justin.




Pregnancy Pact Chicago, Illinois

4 baby boys cryin' about stuff.

send pictures of ur junk to pregnant2gether@gmail.com

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Track Name: You'll Get Used to the Cold
Up instead of out
Standing in the shadows
Reaching up for the clouds

Flailing arms in a burning town
Reaching out for anything
Pushing salt into the holy ground

I never made a choice
To embrace my surroundings

I never made a choice
To be bound all of us together

Never a moment
Never a thought
Never a memory

You can still see the sun
If you know how to pick your head up

And you can still be a different version of yourself
A better hill to die on
A better reason not to stay

Please don’t get caught out
When the air gets thin
Please don’t wait up for me
I’m staying in
Track Name: PK Love
The squeal of the brakes
As the L pulls into the station
A sense of relief
I no longer have to think about jumping
When you thought about jumping
Did you think you were alone?
Why didn’t you call me?
You called everybody else you know

I read something at your funeral
But I can’t remember what
All I can remember, the face of your mother
So lost she couldn’t walk

Love should be unconditional
But I know exactly why
I fucking abandoned you
When you didn't fit my life's design

I looked right past you (x8)
I’m looking at you (x8)

One life on the precipice,
Counterweighted by the fleeting joy of those you love,
Tip the scales.

Are you a lamb or are you a lion?
Are you a lamb or are you a lion?
Is your death the only reason I haven’t killed myself?
Are you a lamb or are you a lion?
Are you a lamb or are you a lion?
Now that I see the effect it has on someone else
I am the lamb and I am the lion
I am the lamb and I am the lion
Track Name: Charles Barkley Shut Up and Cry
Am i being dramatic
To say it doesn’t feel like home
Because you’re not here
It’s just me and the cat

And its emblematic
A ritual to sit alone
And what i’m lacking in heart
I think i make up in focus

And i don’t sleep anymore
Not the way that i used to
And i’m drinking a bit more
More than i used to

I’ll sprawl out on the ground
And stare up at the ceiling
And i’m thinking out loud
For all the good it’s doing me

And i’ll never know
How to take a deep breath
And live it down

So i’ll take a walk
Up to lawrence and ashland
And i’ll turn around

And i don’t sleep anymore
Not as much as i used to
And i’m drinking a bit more
More than i used to

But that's all too dramatic.
But that’s all.
Track Name: Moot
Hey there, you’re shaking.
Tell everyone about your bravery.
You can tell them all yourself
Tell them all yourself
I swear it’s no secret
I got less to say than ways to say it.
Tell myself yourself
Tell myself yourself

Honesty can be a fucked up thing
I can hear the self indulgent ring to it.

So give up
Or don’t give up. Just leave it alone.
No one can bear to pull their own weight,
It’s a hard truth I’ve yet to know.

Hey man you're still dealing with cd's?
I swear this is the last car built without auxillary
No no, hey, that's fine by me
We're all working our way toward obsolete.
You can rationalize the flags you fly when you need them
But you’re working your way toward obsolete

But i work it out
I boil it down
I find the words to justify the count
And I sleep just fine.